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What Men Want in a Relationship

Posted by Elliot April 10, 2012

When a woman suffers through multiple failed relationships she often begins to wonder if it is her fault. She starts to question her ability to maintain a long term romance. Men do have certain needs and expectations for their partners, and some women have trouble fulfilling these needs. Here some examples of attributes that men look for in a long-term dating situation.

Fun and Adventure
What Men WantWhile everyone likes to enjoy a few nights cuddling on the couch, it can become boring if you are doing it 365 times a year. Men, like all people, need to take on new challenges and explore their horizons. If a man beings to see his future with you as boring or predictable, he may jump ship before it gets too serious.

Surrounding yourself with confident people bring a contagious feeling of success and happiness. They inspire you to take on new challenges and you feel good sharing each other's latest achievements. This type of energy forms the foundation of a strong relationship. This is why it is important to be confident in yourself when dating a new man. Prove to him that you can handle the challenges of life on your own and he will be naturally drawn to your charisma.

Sexual activity is an obvious need in a relationship, but sex itself will not attract a man. It is the passion and romance that fuels the sex which will ultimately have him coming back for more. You can build the fires of passion by making sure that sex is a special moment where you connect with each other both physically and mentally. You can also add excitement to the moment by integrating new roles and environments.

The success of any relationship revolves around the level of trust that keeps it together. Your man needs to feel comfortable with you no matter if he is with you or away. Of course trust this is not something you can build in one day. It takes a proven track record of showing up on time, being honest, and staying faithful. Once a man believes he can count on you then he is much more likely to work hard at the relationship.

We would like to think our world is not so shallow to believe appearance is essential to dating, but unfortunately it is. Despite this fact, beauty is a perception that means different things to all people. What attracts some men will repel others, and for every woman who finds fault in her appearance there are a hundred men with the same insecurities. The best approach is to simply pay attention to your looks and make an effort to show off your best attributes. Proving you care about a man's opinion will open the door to more interaction.

These are just some of the things that men want in a relationship. There are literally hundreds more and each man has his own unique preferences. The important thing for women is to understand the basic needs of men and make adjustments for each individual. Following these guidelines will help you build a long lasting relationship.

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