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Strategies to Make a Man Marry You

Posted by Elliot April 20, 2012

Sometimes human nature can work against when it comes to relationship issues. No matter how happy we are, we always want to get to that next level of satisfaction. This can be particularly true with long-term relationships that seem to be stuck in neutral. While women typically look forward to the comfort of commitment, the man continues to waiver. But there are things you can do to push your man in the right direction. Here are some tips to get started...

Be Open
You have to be honest about your feelings and expectations before you can begin to complain. This means discussing the topic of marriage with your boyfriend. You don’t want to put any unnecessary pressures on him, but you can ask about his future goals and how he envisions family life. This will give you a good idea on where he stands.

Make a Man Marry YouChallenge Him
One of the common reasons that relationships get stuck is the lack of challenges. It is easy to become comfortable with the routine and expectations of your partner, but this is not always a good thing. Make sure you are challenging him to achieve his goals and embrace all that life has to offer. This will help to renew his spirit and ultimately make him happier in your relationship.

Replenish Your Passion
One of the easiest ways to get a man to do anything you want is by invigorating his passion for you. Utilizing the power of attraction, you can consume his thoughts to the point where he will be ready to take the next step. Check out the strategies listed on the home page for more ideas.

Make it Fun
Men are much more likely to agree to anything if they believe they will enjoy or benefit from the experience. This is why it is so important for you to entice him into the marriage discussion with things he already enjoys. Put aside your own needs for a second and discuss how he visualizes the wedding. You will discover the subtle preferences he has, which you can use to make him more interested in the topic.

Without question men can be stubborn animals, especially if they feel trapped or forced against their will. But you can make a man marry you if you are patient and cunning with your approach towards the subject. Communicate your desires while listening to his needs and making the process fun. But most of all, this is the time to turn on the passion. Make him see that you are the only women he needs. If you can accomplish this, then the decision process will become much easier for him.

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