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Make Him Want You: Melting a Man's Heart

Posted by Elliot April 15, 2011

Are you stuck in a secret crush that never seems to go anywhere? The kind where you talk regularly, sometimes even flirting lightly, but for whatever reason you can't get him to ask you out! This casual friendship will continue on forever until you change your focus towards making your man want you. Once you reach a higher level of attraction he will feel a stronger need to be with you, and this will lead him to try just about anything to become a part of your life.

Tips for Making a Man Want YouBuilding desire is not a one-shot strategy that you can simply turn on or off when you need it. Rather, it is a different way of thinking and acting that will change the way everyone (including your man) perceives you. Now you don’t necessarily need to change the way you look, but you will need to concentrate on the things you say and how you say them. Experiment with changes to your appearance throughout the process, keeping tabs on the things that garner the most compliments.

The primary element of attraction is gained through communication. You can make him want you by sending subtle messages through your words and actions. Always smile and be positive with your conversations. Make sure you position yourself as close to him as comfortably possible during conversations. You want to force him to take notice of you and this means breaking down the traditional barriers of personal space. Keep steady eye contact and lead your conversations into flirtatious subjects when appropriate. Most importantly, keep him in suspense on what your next move will be.

One thing to be careful with is the dreaded “friends talk”. Never suggest to your man or anyone else that you are simply friends. Some men are very considerate of the friendship bond, and advertising your relationship as a friendship might prevent it from escalating to something stronger. You can use words like buddy, pal, or anything else that leaves the door open for more. The best method is to assign a nickname that will bring a smile to his face each time you say it.

Remember that it is you who has the power to make him want you, but having a a long-term strategy is essential. Think of ways you can force your man to notice you. You want to get to the point where he thinks about you even when you are not there. Men who fall for women can easily become obsessed with their new flame. Use this to your advantage by keeping the sparks of attraction flowing at all times. The hardest part is building that first wave of attraction. After that things will move much faster as long as you continue to lead him in the right direction.

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