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How to Attract a Man

Posted by Elliot April 29, 2012

Many women suffer from an unsatisfying love life because they can’t seem to draw attention from the men they desire. Often times this has more to do with the way they act as opposed to their physical appeal. Here are some tips you can use to change your mindset and attract the men you desire.

How to Attract a ManConfidence is King
No one wants to step into a relationship thinking they will be doing all the work, and this is exactly what men think when they meet an unconfident woman. It is important to portray yourself as someone who believes in your own abilities to succeed. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and your plans to achieve them. Everyone likes to be around a winner, and men are always intrigued by the thought of a women who is in control.

Be Yourself First
You will always have trouble sustaining a relationship if you pretend to be someone you are not. The foundation of a successful relationship is the sharing of common interests and building a level of trust. If you lie about your interests or accomplishments during your first date, then you might build a false attraction with him. From there you will struggle to maintain your stories, and sooner or later the truth will come out. This will undoubtedly lead to the end of your relationship.

Communication Works Both Ways
One of the best parts of meeting someone new is sharing your thoughts and feelings while learning about the other person. For this reason it is important not to dominate the conversation by talking too much. Make sure you leave plenty of opportunity for your date to talk back. The same holds true for not talking enough. No one is interested in listening to themselves talk through the whole date. Be engaging, but leave plenty of room for feedback.

It is easy to go overboard when you meet someone new after a long hiatus in your dating life. You want to impress them and make everything seem perfect. This can lead to over-dressing or being too aggressive with physical or verbal innuendos. The best advice is to take it slow. Men respond much better to mystery and surprise. If you expose everything on the first date then there might not be enough adventure left to keep their attention down the road.

Attracting a man is not always as simple as looking your best. It also encompasses balancing your personality to make a good impression. Too many women over-think the process and ruin their chances before things ever get started. Remember to move slowly and to be confident. Leave some mystery about yourself so there is something for the man to look forward too. Following this advice will improve your chances of landing future dates.

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