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7 Ways to Attract a Guy’s Attention

Posted by Elliot April 21, 2012

Nothing is more frustrating than going unnoticed by the man of your dreams. You make the extra effort to dress up, practice your smile, and rehearse a couple of kind words… only to see him walk right by you without saying a word. If this sounds like something you’ve been through, then it might be time to reanalyze your strategy. Here are some alternative ideas to get the attention of the guys you desire.Attract Man

Do Your Research
In order to plan your strategy effectively, you need to find out as much as you can about the guy’s interests and lifestyle. The more you know about him the better chance you will have to impress him.

Be There
Try to look for any pattern this guy has in his daily routine. Where he gets coffee, what time he leaves for lunch, and where he goes with his friends. If you are lucky, you can make an appearance at his favorite spots and strike up a conversation.

Distinguish Yourself
What makes you unique? Whatever it is you'll want to flaunt it when you are around him. Give him something to remember you by. It might be as simple as some eccentric shoes, or a special talent for karaoke.

Stay in the Know
Be prepared to talk about any subject he brings up once you break the ice. You should be scanning the news, sports, and entertainment headlines to make sure you can carry on the conversation.

Get Involved
Don’t expect to build an attraction through your limited access to him at work or school. Get involved with other groups or projects that your guy may be interested in. Even if he is not part of these functions, they make a great excuse to approach him and offer an invitation.

Challenge Him
This may sound like it would turn him away, but an easy way to make a lasting impression is to take the opposite view with his opinions. Men like a good challenge and he will be impressed with your wit if you can pull it off in a gentle and flirting way.

Be Spontaneous
While it would be nice if every man you desired approached you and introduced themselves, the fact is you'll likely have to break the old rules of dating etiquette. Don’t be afraid to spark a conversation on your own. It is often surprising what can come from a simple “hello”.

Confidence, Curiosity and Conversation are the three C's to remember when trying to attract a man. Also keep in mind that persistence can make up for any disadvantages you may have.

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