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How to Attract a Man and Win His Love Forever...Attract a Man

When did guys gain the upper hand in the dating scene? It sounds funny to say, but there has never been so many women fighting for a man's attention.

The internet has bombarded modern men with endless offerings of sexual references, online dating ads and macho-man stereotypes. Guys have never been so confident around women. The flip side is that women are having to work harder to get noticed by the men they want to attract.

Now with millions of men on the planet and more ways to meet them, you would think that finding a good guy wouldn't be that difficult. And maybe it's not... The truth is men have fairly basic needs, but some women unknowingly create invisible barriers that make it much harder to connect with them. The result is a failure in REAL ATTRACTION that ultimately ruins the relationship. contains articles and videos to help you find the right man and make him devote all of his energy to fulfilling your needs. Sound too good to be true? It probably does to someone who has struggled with relationships in the past, but believe me when I say that even small changes in the way you communicate with men can be the difference between a hot date and another night at home.

There are two common types of “Man Problems” that unmarried women suffer from…

How to Attract MenMan Problem #1: Dating Disasters
Some women freeze up when it comes to meeting men or creating a sustainable conversation with them. They put too much pressure on themselves which ends up ruining their chances with a guy before things even begin. Sure they might get a date here or there, but nothing ever lasts more than a few days because they don’t understand what men are looking for (hint: it is not sex). Without changing their approach to men, they will suffer through this scenario for the rest of their lives or worse yet…settle for the wrong person.

If this sounds familiar you can experience more love and fulfillment in your relationships by simply focusing on the male perspective of dating. Once you understand how men think and why they behave the way they do in relationships, you will be able to attract the men you desire.


Men Who Won't CommitProblem #2: Dead End Relationships
On the other side of the spectrum are the women who don’t have trouble dating, but for some reason they never get any true commitment from their relationships. Men are initially interested in these women, but there is a missing connection that keeps guys from staying around for the long-term. What ends up happening is these women get stuck in relationships that go nowhere. They wait patiently for the day when he will “pop the big question” only to be disappointed when that day never comes.

Until they give men a reason to commit then the pattern will never change. Very few guys are actually scared of marriage, but a woman must prove she is the only one or else there isn't enough incentive to make a lifetime decision.

For those who find themselves in these situations the issue can almost always be traced back to attraction. When a man is hopelessly attracted to you he will spend his lifetime trying to win your love. Attraction is so influential that it can actually blind a man to your faults and shortcomings.

"If you can maste the physical and emotional attraction signals men look for, then you can actually prevent these dating disasters from happening."

Attraction Secrets:
In addition to the tips here, there are two eCourses available to help you become the woman that men never want to leave. Each one targets the dating and relationship problems we discussed.

The Secret Survey by Michael Fiore
Fiore made a big splash in the relationship advice arena with his first release a couple years ago. He even made onto the Rachael Ray show with his romantic texting tips. The Secret Survey is his answer for women who are tired of being lied to by men. It is not a survey to complete, but rather the results of Michael's research into what makes a man lie about his feelings. He uses these insights to illustrate what you can do to create an honest and loving relationship with any man you want.

The brutal honesty in this course is almost enough to make you mad if you've been struggling with love and relationships. But in the end you walk away with the real truth about how men feel about you, what they really want, and how to make the right man yours forever. If you’ve ever had your heart broken or been lied to by a man then I recommend at watching this amazing video right now.

Girl Gets Ring by T.W. Jackson
This is the guide that so many women have been searching for... how to get a man to commit for the long term. But this is much more than just a handful of tips on making a boyfriend propose. It is about being able to read a man's thoughts and recognize which way they are leaning towards the future. Using Jackson's "heart light tool" you will be able to react before your man starts to grow distant. Very powerful stuff!

Whether you are in a relationship now or looking to be in one, these are the secrets to making a man see you as the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. So many women have been stuck hanging on to the same man, believing he loved them, but eventually losing everything when he leaves for "no reason". By better understanding how men choose a life partner better you can prevent a nightmare like this and save years of frustration. Watch his free video lesson here to learn more.

You Have Potential Inside
It may seem contradictory to say you don’t need to be rich, famous, or drop-dead gorgeous to attract the mate of your dreams. After all, everything in society tells us you should be at least one of those things. But the truth is the laws of attraction work in spite of society's pressures because they are part of our human chemistry.

All of these myths about dating and attraction are intended to bring in a profit for the companies that sell the dream of wealth and beauty. Therefore, they do not want you to know the truth. The secret to attracting the attention of any man lies within you, no one else, and no amount of money is going to change that fact.

Bottom Line: If you are done "feeling helpless" in your love life, then start over by instilling more confidence in yourself and you beliefs. Being confident by itself will improve your love life. And if you want to learn more about what men really want then don't hesitate to check out the resources I listed above.

You should not have to settle for second place when it comes to dating and marriage. You already posses everything you need to experience true just need to change the way you present yourself to the men you want to attract ;)

Keep Smiling,

Elliot Beers

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